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Brier Champs!

Posted: March 24, 2016

Wow, I still get chills a week later when thinking about what we accomplished last week in Ottawa!  When we first arrived in Ottawa our goal was to make the playoffs, with a field as stacked as it was, that was no easy feat in itself!  We played really well in the RR and still ended up with 3 blemishes on the record to finish 3rd with and 8-3 record.  That put un into the 3/4 game vs Mike McEwen and his gang from Manitoba.  We got off to a great start in this game, and kinda dominated from start to finish, when we got in trouble one or two ends, our skipper bailed us out and onto the semi-final we went!

Our opponent in the semi-final were none other than the 2014 Olympic Champs out of NONT, Team Jacobs.  These guys were the front runners all week, and didn’t lose a game until the page 1/2 game the night before.  This game was full of intensity and drama right from the first rock of the game, one of the best games I’ve been a part of in my whole career.  We traded single points for 9 ends, with the score reading 5-4 NOnt but we had the hammer playing the 10th. No real secret to what happened this end, we played a solid end, and got 2 misses out of them which led to Jacobs having to make a great double and roll on his last, and then Koe having to make a quarter rock pick for the win!  Then we still had to measure a rock that nobody quiet knew whether it was in or out!  Crazy game, emotional win, took advantage of some breaks and onto the Brier Final vs Team NFLD.

Brier Final, I hadn’t played in a Brier final since 2009 (Kevin and Lainger remind me they have been in plenty since then) so the excitement and nerves made it tough to sleep Saturday night.  However with some great coaching and prep work put in from our coach John Dunn and 5th Scott Pfeiffer they got us in a great mind frame to get out on the ice and get the job done.  We couldn’t have asked for a better start in the Brier final with a steal in ends 1 and 2 to go up 2-0 early on team NFLD.  They knew and we knew, we were the experienced team in this game and if we could get up early they would be in a very uncomfortable situation and that’s exactly what happened.  You never go into big finals vs great teams like Gushue thinking you’re going to control the whole game and shake hands after 9 ends, but in this game that’s what happened.  It wasn’t dramatic, we didn’t have to draw the button for the win or win on a measure, but we enjoyed it all just the same!

Tough to put into words what winning the Brier feels like, I have goosebumps right now as I type this…there is a lot of hard work, time, practice, pain and defeat that goes into a team that eventually finds the top!  We did it, I’m super proud to be a piece of the puzzle on this great team!

Now off to Worlds!  We are all super pumped to be rocking the Maple Leaf in 2 weeks time.. The only better feeling than repping your province at the Brier is repping your Country at the worlds!  Swizterland is where we will be taking on the world’s best to try and bring back a world championship for Canada.

Home for 10 days to rest and get organized for the trip.  We have a small Canadian army of wives, daughters parents, etc. coming over to cheer us on, and were hoping there may be a few other Canadians heading over to take in the event!

 We will do up another blog after we return from the Players Championship in Toronto, which is where we go to straight from Switzerland. Living out of a suitcase for 3 weeks! Oh well… ;)

Until next time… Go CANADA



Timothy Hordal - You curled so well that no one was going to beat you at the worlds. I would love one of your team hats as a memory. Hoping to see you curling at the next worlds in Edmonton.
Posted: April 13, 2016

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